Do I have to fill in all items in the range of chosen category of machine purchase?

Filling in the separate criteria allows to search for the most suitable offers. It may happen that the Service will ask for additional information in the range of expected offer.

The Service is not the owner of any offered machines. The service makes the sale offer available for the Purchaser and can act as a go-between in negotiation with the Seller.

The buyer isn’t charged for any additional fares for the Service for the purchased machine.

The Service is only the resource of offers of machine purchase or sale and is not responsible for the technical condition of the offered machines. The Service does not guarantee the start-up of the purchased machine. Only the seller can guarantee the start-up or the representing company. The same situation is with the technical condition. The seller bears the responsibility for the technical condition, signing in the range of the given information about the machine on the Service web pages. While, the total guarantee concerns only new machines and is given by the manufacturer.

Please note, pay attention that the transaction purchase-sale always takes place between Purchaser and Seller on the basis of appropriate documents between parties (bills and invoices). The Service possesses current data of Seller and verifies the currency of the offer. The transaction will have all the features of the online transaction. This means that after transferring the money for the Seller, the machine will be the property of the Purchaser and the Seller will have to take into consideration the earlier defined delivery conditions. The service bears the responsibility of archiving the copy of the transaction. Detailed procedures of purchase You can find in…. the Service Regulations.


Posting the offer of sale is free for all the time it is active. The offer is in the offer resources until it is removed by the Seller. After longer time, the office can be activise by the Service through additional confirmation by the Seller. Only the sale of the machine for the customer results in commission for the Service but it is established earlier with the Seller.

The offer of the machine sale goes to the Service resources. From this point, through filled-in parameters and established algorithm the searching of possibility to sell the machine. In case of agreement of parameters, the sale offer is represented to the customer. After the acceptance of the offer by the customer, the sale transaction of the machine can start.

Yes, they really are. The sale offer has to include maximally full, reliable and real information about the machine that is being sold. It allows the Purchaser to start it appropriately and it allows the Seller to avoid possible negative effects with the machine purchaser. It allows also the further cooperation with the WASCHMASCH.COM service.

Each offer or sale or purchase remains only in the Service resources and is not available to third parties.

The Service works in the international range. The offers of sale or purchase are raised from different countries, especially from Europe.

The offer of the Service is directed to the Economic entity and works in B2B relations. Only economic entities running business activity are authorized to use the Service. The major resources of the Service are created by the companies directly providing the laundry services, so called first-hand. Trading companies, selling the laundry machines and devices are the supplement of the offer.

The Service, possessing the information about the possibility of the transaction between Purchaser and Seller, defines the conditions between Seller-Purchaser and Seller-WASCHMASCH.COM Service at the beginning. Completing all the agreements and conditions between parties can be perceived as a effective machine sale. The transaction purchase-sale always takes place on the basis of the right documents (bills, invoices) between parties. The sale procedure is described in details in Regulations (i.e. point 25).


Rather not. You have to define if the person taking the machine can do it on his or her own and pay all the fees. Of course, with cleaning the place behind the machines. You can also define with the purchaser the disassembly and delivery conditions in the way that the customer pays for all the actions previously mentioned. Both forms demand early and common decisions with the help of the Service.

Customer, purchasing the machine this way, should has to possess the purchase documentations, describing the form of giving it for free.


Establishing the price for machine disassembly is done individually on the basis of available information in the Service and necessary additional information, if they are needed. You have to pay attention that the scope of disassembly can be compound and time-consuming.

The assembly of bought and used machine is rather impossible because of lack of possibility of right preparing for the assembly through previous actions of machine disassembly. This is the rule, from which there can be exceptions but only assessed by the specialists.

If the machines disassembly is supposed to be also the assembly of them in other places, it is necessary to carry the technical assessment on the disassembly day. It is very often the assessment at the place. After such assessment done by the specialists it can be stated whether the range of the machine start-up, expected by the customer, is possible. In such case, the valuation of the whole operation is also established individually.

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